J Exposes Q Anon: JAR2 Exposes Everybody

Video Q anon ist Tyler der Türwächter – Israel you never walk alone https://youtu.be/s3arRrIBxm8

 QANON is a Trump White House Twitter COINTELPRO Operation to Obfuscate Truth 




 QANON 774 Page Accounting Document for the Operation’s Paymasters




 QANON is Terrified of JAR2 for Exposing Operation Snow Den

04-14-2018 SATURDAY

 Our Psy-War Against QANON Continues. You seem to think you are clever. We already know who you are PUNK (QANON Pretends to KNOW What I Posted About Below and Outs Himself) 


04-12-2018 THURSDAY

 Intelligence Related News

FBI Paid Geek Squad Employees as “Confidential Human Source” Informants

Those Who Know Will Understand (This Was My Bait for QANON)

 April 08, 2018 We have been banned from Twitter for life. Good Riddance 




 My lifetime ban from CIA Social Engineering Psy-Op Project Bluebird 

Our TWELVE Suspensions From Twitter


 Q and the MK MOCKINGBIRD Programming – People Actually Believe This Crap 

The Liars at CIA MI6 and MOSSAD are desperate to hide their crimes but it will soon be over!

The Great Awakening, the Wave is Coming, Blah Blah Blah: Except Nothing EVER Happens

 JAR2 [JOHN] Writes (911? No! NWO? No! MOSSAD? No! Pizzagate? No!)=[Q]? Fake! 

Back about 6 bans ago on Twitter there was a young Japanese guy in San Francisco who I took to task for pretending to be an Anon. He followed me and was constantly retweeting my material with other links and additions of his own or simple stealing my material forgetting to place a source link. He would also post material that attempted to discredit or in other ways run counter to the information I was putting out which was constantly interfering with my work and in the end I had to block him. Although I can not screenshot the conversations we had due to Twitter’s suspensions he refused to tell me his name, even just his first name and insisted I call him Q. The grammar structures, thought blocks and disinformation weaving methods are evident in QAnon as in what this young person was doing. It is important to note he contacted me first regarding what I might know about the rendition of JPA. My favorite code breaker J sent the material below completely on his own and hence I now voice my information as it has become almost impossible to independently get the truth out myself without facing violent opposition from all sides… 
Update: March 06, 2018 – New conclusion: QANON may have been a real whistle blower at first and that individual was probably killed. Then the QANON legend was taken over and it has become the UMBRELLA “program” for all information PSYOPS for the FVEY countries.
MARCH 08 2018 –  Now to Q: I have purposefully ignored Q from the start and like a hurt little rat he has put me in a [kill box] to force my attention. I spent one day analyzing what was sent and wish to spend no more. Either the [KILL BOX] is designed to intimidate me and get my attention as is the YouTube ban or it is a real assassination operation being facilitated by Edward Snowden/Greenberg or both.
Given that two people are reported dead who were being targetted at the same time and for the same reasons with the third who gave them what the wanted (SecureDrop) apparently alive and well, this could simply be a clever Op or message. Given their murderous inhumanity it would not be surprising to me if they had actually killed not only Aaron Schwartz but James Dolan and John Barlow after appearing in kill boxes just to send a message to all whistleblowers and journalists.
As you see Contractor is Barlow on the 27th and he died 10 days later.
 Q is an insider and we should try to work with them because they are against the Zionists. “The criminal Zionist’s are way out of their league now as they have no idea who they are dealing with in TPTB”!I agree to a point if this is not just the front they are hiding behind to of course once again, like with WikiLeaks, obtain the confidence of the people to target them. Being as Q is targetting me I think it is an Op. 03-05-2018: Q may have been one person at the beginning but has morphed into dozens of persons using the Q handle as a mask.

The theory goes that there may have been a legit “Q Anon” at first. Then he went back undercover and this LARP team emerged. The latter one is just there to keep Americans on the couch, lulling us into thinking matters are well in hand. That would be the purpose of a psy-op, I should think: keep the enemy complacent. 

People point out the close timing around Trump’s tweets as proof that “Q Anon” is the real deal. I think I can explain that. IMHO, James O’Keefe solved the “Q” riddle with his Twitter expose. “Q” is a collective of Twitter engineers who monitor Trump’s account real-time. 

Presumably, the Twitter SJW neck beards have several 8-chan cut&pastes at the ready, then insert some Trump language as they watch him compose his tweet.Then, they send off their 8-chan post just ahead of/or just after his tweet, to make it look like they are together in the same room. 

Trump seems to have figured this out, as I’ve noticed the post spacings have increased. He might be leaving a draft un-sent to confuse the enemy neck beards.

It’s possible that the 4-chan “Q” was legit, but this 8-chan one offers generic, public domain junk; what one YouToober called “hope porn”, LARP fantasy/DisInfo.

 More QAnon Intel: Spy Games (Adding What is Connected to Us and Greenberg)

[The Robles Family] Targets of CIA Covert Psychological Operations (WAR CRIME IN PROGRESS) 

What you are about to read involves the targetting of an Asylee from the United States by the CIA

and the US Government. Although the target as a journalist exposes American crimes they have no 

right to target him and his family! We ask for any lawyers or legal bodies who can help!


Dear [Q] into the night, we trembled in fright, but when it was clear, we lost all our fear, now the hunted switches the game, rules are now even, your greed is to blame. Predator toothless with worth left to none, fumbles and throttles, with nowhere to run. Seek in the mirror that which is real, not seeing your reflection your soul I whilst steal. Dyam Datta Dim Datta, this is the way the world ends not with a bang bot aye whisper. The bunker is fine by the way! 


It is very disturbing correlating all of this but when I looked at my social posts and my messaging and the like (all of the things that they CIA would have access to) the QANON posts match up with all of the references to John, including the Snowden [John] , John in a target box posts.

Here is me with the frickin Illuminati eye punch.

Before we start lets go back a little to the beginning of December 2017, which is when I lost almost all of my supporters and when I wrote my article, which based on healthy logic, called on the United States to be disqualified from the Olympics. 

It is very important to note that I was not following Q ever. Although he apparently is obsessed with following me, so I am posting all of this after the fact. It was not until I was mentioned in a KILL BOX that some Anons contacted me and asked me what the hell is going on. 

The only inside information I can really add is that I am a CIA targeted individual and have been for decades now. I don’t believe and never fell for the Q garbage. Rather than truth or evidence or helping people the endless bread crumbs and questions are a MOSSAD style mockery!!!

DECEMBER 7th 2018 – First let’s look at what happened on the 7th. We know they are watching and want to make sure I do not get too big of an audience! This is one reason they kept suspending me and one reason my Boston video was just deleted after 10K. That is their magic number. They see me as threat and are scared of me and must do anything they can to silence me and any voice they can not control and who is against them and gets too loud. They especially can not tolerate it if the voice against them is using truth!

Here the correlation is clear and you do not have to be a detective, investigator or intelligence analyst to see the “coincidence”. If you knew my record you know with each suspension (7) I was getting more and more followers. Look at the numbers yourself. Here Q seems to be on my side but wait! That was before my article came out calling the for the US to be banned from the games! Look at the time. This came out after my Olympic article but before my ban! Apparently he is giving someone instruction to take me down and like any Arrogant Intel fuckhead believes I am following him. I never followed him and do not know, from the beginning it seemed like a huge disinformation and distraction operation which is what it is. So yeah those were about my number then I was suspended! 

The logic was simple, namely the Olympics is a celebration of PEACE and the US was engaged in 9 wars at that moment. 

In reality this is what all of the countries in the world should have been saying as well as the IOC and the fans, and especially Russians, but no one in the entire world and none of the people I know agreed with me nor said the same thing. No one. Anywhere! Just me and JAR2 calling on bomb happy illegal war waging America to be disqualified. Sincerely people wake up! 

UPDATE June 10 2018 

January 20, 2016 I WROTE: “I can not sleep anymore. Not even for more than a couple of hours. I can not function anymore, the pain and misery are too great. I can not fight anymore, there will never be any mercy from the beasts who have branded me an animal and have destroyed my life and taken away everything I had. I will write this postscript to everything and that will be it.”


Here the message is clear and it appears now that Q is quite possibly @JACK? Anyway it is someone who can read the messages inside Twitter. Given that QANON also appeared at the same time that Twitter gave the CIA their own special interface and after checking everywhere the only place I mentioned sleep was in direct messages… I could not find any other mentions(((

Again laughing at me and then warning me not to come here meaning Twitter. They hate me on Twitter and do not want me on their platform because I don’t suck their crap! Exposing Jack as a Pedo probably really pissed them off. Here may also mean the United States but I doubt that after I renounced citizenship on multiple occassions as well as officially adding of course to their taking away my passport and secretly stripping me of citizenship anyway.

Will comment on the above later but if I recall I was publishing pictures of Russian politicians with McFaul and Tefft and one with Rice and Osama. All of the US “Officials” here are CIA or connected to the CIA and once that becomes clear then everyone they are talking to and taking pictures with is guilty of treason.

Since one of the QANONs is apparently Greenberg/Snowden’s controllers I suppose the picture below is quite disturbing for him. Given the simple fact, to any critical thinker, that you have to be a very special boy to take a studio photo in a tuxedo with the Director of the NSA and the CIA, Michael Hayden. I will get more into Snowden/Greenberg?VERAX below.

As a former US citizen it was illegal for the CIA to target me. So they left me stateless so they could openly target me but then I got asylum and it is even more illegal yet they continue. The day after the revocation of my US passport a law was passed allowing for the targeting and stripping of US citizenship by the imperialist criminals of the CIA (See my Indigenous Page). Their illegal actions against me and the attempt by Nancy Pelosi to obtain my children for selling on the human trafficking black market and for whatever purposes the CIA deems it needs my son, to torture or do human experimentation as was done on me during childhood, leaves me with absolutely no reason whatsoever to possess any loyalty or admit the legitimacy of the CIA and the US Government which is an illegal criminal cabal which murders its own citizen, is rampaging worldwide committing acts of Aggressive War and is nothing but an organized crime, war, terror, torture and enslavement machine. That said my fight against the CIA and their attempts to destroy Russia and my attempts to expose the CIA for sponsoring and training and using terrorist6s and nazis is a normal one and one which has at its core respect for the individual and the respect for the sovereignty of any and every nation and people. The CIA is a disease and a cancer on the world and must be stopped. I am thus very proud that I have played an instrumental role in exposing and stopping their illegality! 




January 27, 2018 – We can see A; the CIA is desperate and they are on a time frame. Knowing the brackets [] are a kill [box} this is quite chilling and having Barlow heart attacked 10 days later is even more chiling. Below is part of my 27th blog post where I light up on Roberts for mocking Russia. 

Q may be Michael Hayden, Maurice Greenberg, Obama or Brennan or all of them together taking turns. This is the first time I think where Q actually communicates directly with Deep Cover Agent Greenberg.


February 7, 2018 –This the title of my blog post for that day: How to Stop the 5th Column Russians? You can’t they do and say whatever they want because they have money and money is the only God of the NEW RUSSIA. They control the country and there is no one who cares about Human Rights even for journalists or their families. You can read that here: http://www.jar2.com/INDEX.HTM

February 07, 2018 – You can’t trust snakes, no matter what kind of smiling friendly offer they make. Every day on line they pop up and it is no more evident than every time I attempt to do anything that might expose them and vindicate my name and my family. It is stunning that they have successfully had my son arrested but then demonized me as if it was me. Even though I have never committed a crime in my life I have to live as if I am some sort of criminal when I have been exposing criminals for years and years, but that is the way they work.

So who are “they”? Buy my book and find out!

On the seventh of February Q aparently did not post to me (this is not aabout Russia) but about another truther who is now dead. Considering the person in question devoted his life to truth and freedom on the internet, at least on the surface, Q as a “truther” should show some sympathy. As of wriing this sis the foirst I have ehard of this. We can add this the CIA/Snwoden/WIkiLeaks’ kills.!!! And Q is again mocking!! “Hear attacks can be deadly” is all he writes meaning the heart attack assassination program of the CIA is nothing but a joke for Q> Whoever Q is he has no human sympathy. I am sorry that Barlow has died although I have never had contact with and he never supported the last free truth site on the internet he did at least stand for something other than Q!!!   

On the 8th of February I was particularly hopeless and Tweeted the following, showing the depth of my disillusionment:  “Nobody wants truth, they want a show made by whites for whites about whites. That is why all my work, my site, my revelations and my books are being ignored, it is not something I have done, or something I am not doing and I have finally realized that thanks to the Mohawk people. The problem is who I am. I am a Taino and we must be eradicated and unfortunately Russia is on-board.” 

“I am sorry but I was reading what happened to my son again and realized how even this Ukrainian Poklonskaya is aiding the cover up!” 

This was after I sent a message to Poklonskaya on a talk show and the host said: DON’T ANSWER LET HIM JUST DIE!

The posts above show the depth of my hopelessness. Since they have been trying to drive me to suicide since 2013 they obviously are gloating. Here we are getting very close to hooking in Snowdy. This kind of crap is his specialty and it is the only thing he trained to do at the CIA! Just ask Lucifer’s Banker.


911 Threw the World into Psychotic Schism and Parallel Universe that Will See the Entire World Destroyed (but that is what the Illuminati want)

February 08, 2018 – The eternal distractions and distractors finally got to me. Watching the Russian elections and world events as the world goes further and further into Orientalism. A huge demonic psychological operation being forced onto the unwitting and purposefully dumbed down population of the Earth. The damned whisper campaign against me and my family and finally the realization that the huge machine is unstoppable because it has destroyed the common sense and free will of the people. We live in a show, and endless lie, forced to accept that one country is illegally taking over the world and committing ongoing genocide, that pedophiles rape and even sacrifice children and go unpunished, that casino bosses and porn stars and actors are somehow leaders and warrant places of power, and it is all being brought to you by the stinking Satanic Self Serving Illuminati New World Order, which is nothing but elite psychopaths with insatiable greed working together to devour each other. That is the problem with being awake. Once you understand that you can see the show they are putting on. They want a world like in the films the hunger games and 1984, where everything is fake and everything is a lie and everything is under their control and nowhere is there truth.


After the 911 Post above from the Blog they posted the message below. Yes they warned me many times and they warned me right before my 7th suspension using their Ukrainian nazis and other scum. They obviously thought I was upset with all of the laughing. 

QANON showed up when I was exposing pizzagate and the Japanese kid in San Francisco and several other agents on-line told me to stop exposing the pedos, the Rothschilds and the US government and write about the Donbass or some crap.  

Here we see QANON laughing at someone and asking them if they can sleep. I wrote a lot of stuff on my blog regarding the above attack on my physical person on January 1 and my son’s situation and the attempts to destroy Russia that are ongoing. 

Then on the 8th on my blog I hit the forbidden topic, 911. 

Related to this post were statements I made that I can no longer sleep! I complained about that about a week or so before this several times. 

Now is this “the QANON” or just one of my many stalkers. There is no way to tell yet but the preponderance of evidence which has accumulated has led me to the conclusion that “this” QANON is a CIA Operative, perhaps Samuel McCulloch, Joseph Moone, MI6 Smith and Company or one of the WikiLeaks takeover operatives or a member of the Snow Den team. Let’s look further shall we?

They were certain that I would be very upset after having lost an account with 123K followers for no reason. They continue doing anything they can to damage me and especially anything they think will push me over the edge. But that is what happens when you are the target of a psychological operation and the only way they can GET you is on a computer where they leave evidence and that is why I live isolated. They can not GET ME as CIA COS told me when they revoked my passport and told me to close my “FUCKING site” because I was exposing 911!!! But I am still here and now I am exposing every one of them who they have sent or use to GET me.

According to members of Anonymous the original QANON was an actual official sick of the pedo demons who had a Q Clearance. After that various BOTs took the name for various Ops. Including the Japanese kid from the FBI in San Francisco who was investigating me when we were releasing the Pizzagate stuff! 

Since 2009 the CIA has been carried out an active campaign to destroy John Robles and the Robles family after the received asylum in 2007. In 2013 they CIA and MI6 were successful in ridding John of his only income, destroying his marriage, putting his son in prison and getting him blacklisted in the country that was supposed to protect him. Using their agents the CIA has been extremely successful and as they have made John destitute and have endless resources to continue their persecution and now it appears physical elimination, there is little that John can do. Will you just site there and watch the CIA kill another journalist and fighter for the truth?     


Anons are hunting QANON… DC… IPs hitting site from Reston and DC. IP spoofing is easy and we see how WikiLeaks and other CIA sites try to do this… WIkiLeaks’ physical servers are in California and Australia, the Intercept’s in Silicon Valley California but WikiLEaks’ masks out to the Netherlands and Russia and the Intercept uses the same tunnels.




Anonymous went even further and located QANON though the IP in the image below after a direct communication. Again like the site Mirotvorets! And here we come to the worst part of the puzzle. The serious problem with all of this is like the site Mirotvorets, QANON, WikiLeaks, the Intercept and Agent VERAX/Snow den/Greenberg are CIA controlled Military Grade psychological operations being used to target journalists, hacktivists and truthers and have nothing to do with fighting terrorism or physical threats the Corporation of the United States of America. 

The entire FVEY military industrial intelligence complex has become a bunch of stinking cowards and criminals terrified that their illegal activities, crimes against humanity and treasonous actions against the people of the United States will be exposed.   

The very fact of my own targeting and my entire life being destroyed by the Criminal Child Selling Cabal for trying to expose CPS illegality and theft of Federal Monies is historic in its transparent and horrendous illegality and is so egregious that they threw in Snowden to “GET ME” in order to protect their own criminal asses and hide the fact that they are targeting the first American with asylum in Russia in history.

My work exposing WikiLeaks and Snowdy punk, necessitated the creation of QANON, as did the fact that at the time of his creation I was exposing Pizzagate in a very loud manner and the QANON piece of shit has distracted the entire truth community from Pizzagate and getting the PEDOS. When he is exposed there will just be another. This is what happens when intelligence agencies are allowed to target the public. They need to have their criminal asses banned from any interaction on the Internet with the general population. 

So you see below QANON is miitary scum and I say scum because it is only scum in the military who would target civilians and in my mind this is a war crime. Locatining them physically really makes no difference as they can not be gotten to but showing it (QANON) is a military psychological operation, the same as Mirtovorets, exposes the fact that the FVEY countries are using military to target civilians populations. Again this is criminal. 

Why is this important? Why do I believe QANON is specifically targeting [JOHN]? See the message further down! It is quite simple knowing I have been their target since 1995, but for you this should be clear by the documented targeting of me by the Ukrainian nazis junta and the site Mirotvorets which is in fact Center 72 of the Ukrainian Army Psychological Operations Command. So the CIA uses Ukrainians, which they have done since the ’90s to “get me”! I have 3 pages of targeting information on me on the site Mirotvorets who were stupid enough and arrogant enough to provide me with confirmation!!!!! When they replied to my Tweet and a link to my WikiPedia page which I guess they thought they were very clever in doing as if I should be ashamed or afraid that people know I have asylum or who I am.

I wrote to them below “Why are my three pages hidden? With only access to Special Services?”

So GOD BLESS RUSSIA!!!!! McFaul failed, CIA COS Moscow Joseph Moone failed, multiple Ukrainians sent after me failed and then Snowden failed. To me QANON was just the next fuckhead I was waiting for. (Sorry for the language)

Again I want to underline that in my opinion using military “Cyber Operations” to target civilians, journalists and anything other than a military opponent is a War Crime and international Law must be ammended or enforced to reflect this. The targetting of a person with asylum by the country from which the person fled is also an international crime under the United Nations. 



Back to the timeline and what I posted on the 9th the day before the following three messages below my post on my blog and which of course includes a reference to my “BUNKER” as I have stated many times that I live in a Bunker in the North of Russia after the CIA had my son arrested and sent their goons in Russia after me. Keep in mind again I am a journalist and a whistleblower and have never committed a crime in my life!!!! So what they have put me through for exposing their crimes is unbelievable!!! And they continue to illegally target a person with asylum!!! 

I had three posts on that day, the 9th of February. For several reasons they are very supportive and showed me that someone is watching what they are doing. At the time I was not aware of the direct targeting by this Q Operation but apparently the Russian Ministry of Defense and some people on the Iternet are watching closely, so I suppose I have ome allies. I just hope they are real.

Гибель Романа Филипова, отдавшего жизнь в борьбе с международным терроризмом, встрепенула души миллионов людей во всем мире.

The death of Pavel Filipova, who gave his life in the fight against international terrorism, thouched the hearts and souls of millions of people areound the world

Однако нашелся Эйдман, который желчно усомнился в подвиге российского пилота.

However one Eidman cynically chose to cast doubt on the heroic feat of the Russian pilot.

Для такого манкурта, как он, являющегося «русским» лишь для соседей по квартире в Берлине, способность к самопожертвованию, верность долгу и присяге, мужество и честь, всегда имели только финансовый эквивалент.

For such a manchurian as he, being “Russian” is only for his neighbors in Berlin! The ability to sacrifice oneself, loyalty to duty and oath, courage and honor, are qualities that always only had a financial equivalent in meaning.

Поэтому им не дано понять, что значит быть русским офицером и тем более служить СВОЕЙ Родине.

Therefore, they do not posses the ability to understand what it means to be a Russian officer and, even more importantly, to serve their homeland.

Потеря совести и исторической памяти превращает человека в раба навязанных понятий и представлений, неспособного к переживаниям и состраданию.

The loss of conscience and historical memory turns a person into a slave of outwardly imposed concepts and understandings, making them incapable of experiencing pain, humilty, worry or compassion.

В своём мирке «либеральных ценностей» и псевдосвободы И.Эйдман позволяет себе озвучивать самые безнравственные помыслы, зная, что этот герой уже не сможет им ответить.

In his world of “liberal values” and pseudo-freedoms, Eidman feels he can allow himself to voice the most insulting and immoral thoughts, knowing that this hero who gave his life, can not answer them or defend his own honor any more.

Однако такие же манкурты, как И.Эйдман, никогда не стесняются аплодировать своим западным хозяевам за уничтожение целых государств, ковровые бомбардировки жилых кварталов и поддержку международных террористов.

However, these very manchurians, such as I. Eidman, never hesitate to applaud their Western masters for the destruction of entire states, the carpet bombing of residential quarters and the support of international terrorists and terrorism.

А недоступное им человеческое благородство и самопожертвование вызывает у них только пустую злобу и желчь.

For them human nobility and self-sacrifice are completely inaccesible concepts which cause them to be filled only with empty anger and bile.

Мы с детство (США) 60-80 годах только смотрели олимпиаде что видит Русский и команда СССР…. Без этого не интересно…)))))) Там СМИ так закрыто и так демонизировали что это была один шанс за 4 года видит народ СССР))

During my childhood in the white supremacist states of america during between the 60s and the 80s we only watched the Olympics ever four years so we could see the Russians and the team from the USSR…. Without that we would have never watched!!)))) The media was so closed and censored and demonized the USSR so much (with the constant air raid warnings and our bomb shelter basements from Soviet attack) that it was the only chance, every four years, to see some of the people of the USSR!))) 

И все спортсмен были таки хорошенки и чистый и мили что мы все по секретному болели за них. настоящий героев. не то что США все с свой элита набор говно который нормальнее люди в жизни не увидеть. Ещё была любимая Голос Россия)) Котрый мы слушали и который ЛИБЕРАЛОВ ликвидировали

And all of the athletes from the USSR were so talented, and humble and clean of heart and soul and it was visible! Not like all of the fake AMerican athletes who we knew were on drugs with all of their million dollar technology and coming from elite families who had all the things no normal people would ever see. Who the hell would support some fake ass american steroid taker over a genuine talent like Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci from the Soviet Bloc! Who corrected me “Romania”. Rememora


There was also the beloved Voice of Russia World Service which I listened to in secret and which the new Russian neo-Liberal filth liquidated in 2013.

Из за Голос Россия и эти спортсмен хорошенки и чистый и мили я любил Россия. За то что они были Руссками!!! Не как Семонян и прочь путайтся RT делат как дешёвы имитаце Американский дермовый СМИ. Либералов и сионитсов унычжтожает Россия как и моя семя

It was because of the Voice of Russia World Service and these wonderful clean and beautiful athletes that I fell in love with Russia at first. Because they were wonderful and they were Russian!!! No one, including myself, is going to love and appreciate Russia and Russians, like the neo-Liberals and Semonyan try to lie to Putin, by saying we need what they created, some cheap imitation of shitty American media that RT is! But they know that and like the Zionist neo-Liberals destroyed me and my family they are destroying and will destroy Russia from within unless they are stopped.

Я скора ухожу из это гробаный жизни и даже если за 22 года под либералов не дали меня и нас гражданство РФ я всегда буду гордится что я был Голосом Россия и служил эту великую страну (по секретному) и пусть все либералов здохнут от свой сущности! Надежда только на ПУТИН!

I am leaving this horrendous primitive and brutal world soon and even if after 22 years neo-liberal filth did not allow me and my family to get Russian citizenship I will always be proud that I was the Voice of Russia and that I served Russia (secretly)! Let the neo-Liberal die like dogs from their own treasonous selling out of their own country and its people.

И под закаков от посольство (Майкел Мкфаул и ЦРУ резидент Джосев Мун) из за моя работа на Голос Россия и (по секретному) их Масонский 5й колона (мряз как грудин) посадили мой невиновному сыну. Что бы я совершил само убитсво. Вот и всё правда про жизни и смерт Роблеса… извините

Not only did they destroy my life but under the orders of the US Embassy (Michael McFaul and CIA Station Chief Joseph Moone) because of all of my work on the Voice of Russia and (secret work) exposing and getting in the way of their crimes against humanity and Russia, they ordered the arrest of my innocent son! So that I killed myslef! NOw you know the whole truth about Robles. Excuse the interruption!

I wrote about all of this in my book in detail but not ONE person is interested! Nobody givies a shit anymore. The world is no longer one worth living in really if humans have lost all of their humanity. What is the point if there is no justice?

UPDATE TO CAT STORY: GOT THIS MESSAGE FROM ONE OF MY READERS FOR MR PORSCHE. I say never touch a man’s children, woman or wheels. But since they did all of the above to me, why not? Maybe the German US citizen will understand that Russia must be respected and fucking around here is not going to end well for him or maybe he won’t, that is no longer my problem. If they think they can just come and give me an “Illuminati” eye and drug me and God knows what else they did to me, then yeah, All bets are off. 


The two images below have nothing to do with me but are more evidence QANON is an Intel Operation! This is proven by the extremely bright and adept analysis of members of Anonymous who I am proud to have contact with and who sent the following:

Q gave instructions on where to apprehend a Russian targetted for hacking to facilitate another illegal rendition operation.

Q, Snowden and the CIA Finally Expose Themselves

Snowden went quiet on Twitter and on his other methods of communication and in the message below (the following messages have since been deleted but may be put back now that I said it) we see Q telling him where to get further instructions and being chided as a rogue agent, which is funny because rogue agents don’t take instructions from their controllers. In red I is written “link for further instructions” and below that next to the red arrow is written “CIA is asking Snowden for the status of [target]. John. Me. Cold – means dead or inactive    

The CIA is telling me I will cease to exist, be killed erased, including of course all of my work and my family and that the message of 14 days ago is now live. The reason is because I spoke truth to power. Again ridiculing about the bunker since they have contacted all my donors and know I have nothing to eat and can not pay my rent or utilities, they are literally killing me and laughing about it. I did not want to believe this but when I saw my name in a kill box it made sense and knowing I am Snowden’s target it is clear. The Bunker again is where I live and the PEOC force is a joke for the guy in the black Porsche above who was supposed to determine my location at the beginning of the year.

This is wonderful and tells me the CIA hasn’t the fucking foggiest idea where I am if they are threatening me with a Seal team, which is exactly what this refers to. I am supposed to be terrified and of course trembling in fear and silent. If I am right about the cat story then Q is telling VERAX that they have no satellite surveillance capabilities over Russia and that it (CORONA) was deactivated and no other [0000] surveillance infrastructure is available.

If we do a web search on Deach[0000] and follow the clues Games R FUN it takes us to a Super Mario page… Which could be agents and a map to a safe house or something, but that is the issue with this fucking Q! Endless bullshit unless you know the exact codes they are using!



Q was promoting Global Leaks a completely unsecure platform. Since I know and everyone who follows the JAR knows that WikiLeaks and the Intercept are entrapment operations, and I have been pushing very hard to get his information out there, then of course these fake bastards want to direct whistleblowers to another platform they control where they can be caught and arrested. Several Anons checked out Global Leaks and said it is a completely insecure and a joke as a platform. You know my 911 litmus test well I follow the jar2 litmus test, if someone really wanted t leak something jar2 would be a much better place to do it since we are in Russia for God’s sake! This is what first made me suspect WL and the Intercept. I have more leaks on jar2 than they do and they refuse to have any contact with me. Even the logo tells the story, two silenced and the third is now activated?

So as I have been saying for years Snowden and Assange are operation to take out whistleblowers and truthers and with the deaths of James Dolan and John Barlow that leaves only me and maybe John McCarthy (in hiding), John Young (????) and a couple of Anons in hiding left to expose the crimes of the CIA organized crime syndicate. According to these Q messages the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Secure Drop and Global Leaks are all under their control. Makes sense to me! Apparently I have exposed Greenberg to the point where he is inneffective and now openly called a liability especially after 6 days and he was not able to complete his mission [JOHN] [kill box]! I am still here so fak off!!!

Q targeting me in Russia is just another in the series of Operations that the CIA is engaged in here in Russia. As I am the only one that I know of who is exposing what they are doing here in Russia in the English language and not only did I expose McFaul’s color revolution plans and stop his subversion of Russia but I also exposed Boston ended the TPP worked for years exposing 911 and then continued exposing their crimes and operations including the takeover of WikiLeaks and the fake Snow den Psychological Operation. Being as it was because of me that McFaul was expelled from Russia he clearly would like to get me, however given that it was he who ordered my son to be arrested on trumped up narcotics charges I will continue to expose every little move he makes against Russia including this blackmail attempt:

Note the date! The CIA figured they had intimidated me and let loose with their useless influence operations and impotent mouthpiece who is supposed to be a professor and an imminent Russia expert and member of CFR and a CIA Color Revolution expert who was completely exposed and rendered useless by a Taino Indian spic who is a nobody (that is what I am according to their narrative, it is just interesting why I am 300 times more intelligent than these useless CIA tools and why they continue sending these morons! If Snowden Assange and McFaul are the best they have it is a very sad picture indeed) The problem they have is that I keep getting in their way. I am defending Russia so this is a good thing.




What can the CIA do? Ddos me 5 times a day after which I collect all their IP addresses and all. They can keep lying to people and having them chasing endless crap. Which is what Q is doing, endless crap hiding instructions to teams assassinating journalists? Right out in the open? Why not? The best place to hide something is right in the open. Like I have hidden the names of over 400 MI6 agents right out in the open for 20 years. 



Conclusion! Q Anon is another Op. The information it gives distracts and keeps busy and all the pseudo patriotic Trump nonsense while appearing to be killing whistleblowers and truthers or at minimum attempting to terrorize them into silence serves to lock down and neutralize the last free will for truth in the population. We have already told you terrible news and it is jar2 and the people QANON and Greenberg are killing who are the ones who have been fighting a silent fight. Not this fucking Q who is fighting to kill truth and truthers it would appear. I have warned you all and this will be my one and only piece and my only time dealing with [Q]. I just lost a whole day and did not make a single donation dealing with this unbelieveable shit!!! Which is what they want





 J Writes: 

December 01, 2017 

You seem busy with all the news, so I wanted to throw this onto the table.

The recent ARA San Juan Submarine affair may have been orchestrated by one or more Intelligence Agencies.

I have made breakthroughs in the case related to the continuing attacks that are being charted out using these “Treasure Map” Themes…..The Blueprint we have seen forming from the Kryptos/CIA focal point, and other areas that are targets relating to these affairs set into the arrays shown.

Recently I was researching more of the likeness to the Cicada style of bouncing and relaying puzzle pieces around as being a source of coded info related to operations, as I had not really picked up their transmissions, but on 4Chan, specifically the recent “Q” Posts…..I have found there was a coding that related to a nearby picture that spoke of a title that clicked immediately: “After the Tempest”.

As we know that the CIA and Mossad are working in conjunction with other Intelligence Agencies, and have used these themes in the past to relate their mapping systems to their operatives, we know that they plan to use this system until they are caught in the act.

What I see here is the coding on 4Chan was made into a system to locate the operation that was pending, using the theme that Trump had mentioned …..


It also appears that the person posting a drawn out collection of dozens of questions there is also subtly adding info into his posts surrounded or flooded with anti-establishment propaganda, including talking about indictments and arrests that never happen.  He appears to try to mimic a role as if he is one of the insiders picking up on gossiping, and at the same time appear fluent in military affairs…..even posting GO CODES, and other cryptographic info. 

This is something that has to be seen…….so here we go.  Around the Halloween attacks in Seminole Heights, Fl, I noticed activity on 4Chan that started looking like it was highly coordinated….below is a description of info that someone else noticed held strange out of place similarities to this person’s true identity.

The Numbers were somewhat obvious, starting on 11/1 and posting a series of numbers “4 10 20″….so I am thinking more about the meaning, and start to see the whole thing unfolding with the images being posted…Its clearly becoming a complex group, running multiple posts, all with up to date coverage of intel that is not seen in the MSM……A LOT OF IT….

Remember at this point Trump had begun this “Trend” as a comment….so whether or not he began “The Storm” is beyond me….all I know is that he is clearly in the know.

Seeing the sub gone missing on the 15th shortly after these discussions were spread across the Twitter/Reddit/FB Community Boards, I started to put two and two together as the “Q” informer was now also talking about a #RedOctober event……


The info seemed so odd that it had to be something that was already posted somewhere in some cryptic manner……and I found it from scanning the many areas OVER HOURS, trolling for baited intel…..on Google Earth, the only picture that is nearby the area of the missing sub is below




4 10 20……the magic numbers……but that’s not all……there was a map left as well.

Another Treasure Map.

Argentina’s Coast held a familiar shape when I was looking through the articles and info from the news about where the calls were made and the location of the last signals.

Numerous sites all differed in their graphic representations of the locations, but with a little work I was able to narrow it down to a precise area using the key to the cipher.

I have an extensive archive of treasure maps and carved images that relate to older legends, even some of the areas that were used for operations of the KGC in South America.

From these I pulled out one familiar piece of history that seemed to fit into a space there precisely.  

The Google Earth photos below are combinations of a base map of the area there in the vicinity of the missing sub.  The 3 points were significant points of the movement of the sub, as it appeared to be correlating to the map’s imagery with an overlay template at the same time as lining up with reports about its whereabouts.

They are shown here together with a landscape that was made with a massive OMEGA overlaid on its terra-formed property lines. The Omega’s line up, as does the rest of the layout there, so I found it key that there was an exclamation mark on the map…..apx. right where the sub went missing.


Further examination of the area shows that there are related markers that can be seen after zooming in on the area.

One appears to be a large electric wave-looking image cut into the landscape…..and the sub was reported to be short circuiting. 

Shortly thereafter following the path of the sub, and in the image overlaid, we see the inverted exclamation point, as in the Spanish use of the symbol…..as well as a set of coordinates that possibly relate to the area where it lost contact or was disabled.

This map was not to scale, and there also appeared to be a place for an additional map to be added…..as the event I am seeing compiled was basically a series of strange coincidences. 

This is shown clearly in the rectangular space in the photo above.  Take a look at what you get when you add the two together…..a secondary and more detailed looking image of the whole affair…..


You can’t really see much here, but the bay lines up fairly well as another major piece that fits.


The image above that is shown through the watermarks and lines is that of a navigation chart…..with the image of a Satellite, and a Submarine that is sinking to the floor of the ocean.

The shapes of the Satellite, Tellecom relays, and the dropping of a bomb looking object…..was it the source of the explosion that was heard, another distraction?  Or was it the source of the explosion of the Sub being hit by ordinance?  And look at all the other strong lines there….An image of a Martyr on a cross is shown…..as the other images appear near names of cities that are keywords……when combined with the right maps.

This is something that I cannot “Fathom” as they would say, to create a reason not to believe it…….

Now that all the dust has settled from these searches, and they are looking for the final resting place, I can safely say that this map and the corresponding information posted days ahead of time, shows that something sinister was being planned out.

Nobody knows the fate of the sub and I would like to see it found using this intel drop…..

Do you think you can publish it as a speculative article? 

Thanks Again John,

PS….there is a serious Mind War going on here.….Internet Slowed everything being wired through select intel agencies and other affairs being plotted so heads up for all involved……

 Other Contributions by J: J Exposes Michael Aquino, a Double Agent, a Serial Rapist, a MOSSAD Op in Vermont and the Pedophile Protection Act



Oliver Janich, Ron Paul, die Pan-Europa-Bewegung und die Mont Pelerin Society

Die Partei der Vernunft

Es gibt ja immer noch Menschen, die meinen man könnte sich in der BRD einer Partei anschließen und etwas verändern. Was verändern werden sie damit sogar, nämlich werden sie mehr Kraft ins Leere fließen lassen. Oliver Janich, der Gründer dieser Partei schrieb im Focus Money zwei Artikel über den 11.September 2001, die laut seinen Worten wohl irgendwie durch die Zensur gerutscht sind (wers glaubt wird seelig!). Auf jeden Fall wurde Oliver Janich von Focus Money entlassen und bekam keine Aufträge mehr. Sein Buch “Der Kapitalismus-Komplott” wurde kurz danach auch in manchen alternativen Kreisen beworben, komisch ist nur, dass Herr Janich dieses Buch kurz nach seinem Rauswurf veröffentlichte und in dieser kurzen Zeit kann Herr Janich niemals dieses Werk geschrieben haben, das weiß jeder, der selbst schriftstellerisch tätig ist. Die Idee zur Gründung dieser Partei muss also schon vor dem Focus-Money-Artikel bestanden haben. Ich möchte die Sache recht kurz halten und nur ein paar Zitate aus Janichs Buch bringen, damit sie sehen, mit was sie es hier zu tun haben:
“Bevor wir zur wichtigen Rolle des Zinses kommen, muss ich mich mit einem Mythos aufräumen, der derzeit im Internet Furore macht: Angeblich sei der Zins an allem schuld. Vor allem der Zinseszins sei von großem Übel. Sie werden sich schwertun, im Internet einen Artikel zu finden, der ihnen leicht verständlich erklärt, warum das Unsinn ist.” S.56
“Vermutlich hat dieses Zinsverbot mehr Elend über die Welt gebracht als alle Religionskriege. Noch heute leiden die islamischen Länder darunter, warum sie mittlerweile den Zins durch die Hintertür wieder eingeführt haben. Der Vorsprung der westlichen Welt ist mindestens zu einem Teil darauf zurückzuführen, dass das Zinsverbot im Christentum schneller wieder fallengelassen wurde.” S.57
Zum Thema Goldwährung meint Janich: “Noch ein Einwand kommt gerne: Was ist, wenn eine kleine Gruppe von Leuten alles Gold hortet? Erstens wird das nicht passieren und zweitens wäre es auch egal.” S.61
“Am Zins wird gerne kritisiert, dass er etwas Böses sei, weil der Verleiher nicht dafür arbeiten muss. Das ist ein seltsamer Gedanke … . Selbstverständlich erbringt der Geldverleiher eine Leistung. Erstens musste er sich vorher das Geld erarbeiten, das er da verleiht. Zweitens verzichtet er darauf zu konsumieren.” S.62

“Auch die Nationalsozialisten (Video! NaZi = National Zionist) verdammten schon den “jüdischen Wucherzins“, was leider offensichtlich selbst in Deutschland keinen Verdacht mehr erregt.” [Zinskritiker = Nazis] S.63

“Die Oligarchen und die Chefs der Russenmafia können nicht ausscheren, weil sie dem KGB bekannt sind. … Oligarchen, die ihre liebe zur echten Marktwirtschaft oder zur Politik entdecken oder Geheimnisse verkaufen wollen, wie Chodorkowski, werden unter einem Vorwand – in diesem Fall der Vorwurf der Steuerhinterziehung – eingesperrt.” S.335
“[Es] gibt mit absoluter Sicherheit keine islamische, christliche oder jüdische Weltverschwörung.” S.337
“Es ist noch nicht einmal möglich, eine freimaurerische Verschwörung zu unterstellen. Die Freimaurerei verfolgt ähnlich wie die Religionen einen humanitären Ansatz.” S.337
“Die Elite wird versuchen, den Zins als Übel darzustellen, und hätte viele Menschen, die den Unsinn glauben, auf ihrer Seite.” S.439
“Der statistische Zusammenhang zwischen muslimischen Einwanderern und gescheiterter Integration ist eine Scheinkorrelation. Vom Islam wissen wir, dass es sich um eine anerkannte Weltreligion handelt.” (Netzseite: Partei der Vernunft – Der Fall Sarrazin: Teile und Herrsche)

Wohlgemerkt: Infokrieg macht noch Werbung für diesen Darsteller!


  1. Januar 2012

von Autarkes-Rattelsdorf

In Deutschland gründete Oliver Janich die „Partei der Vernunft“, die angeblich wirklich eine Alternative gegen das globale NWO-System anbieten will. Ich hatte an anderer Stelle schon einige Zitate aus Janichs Buch gebracht, die mir nicht gerade zugesagt haben (HIER), um es höflich auszudrücken. Eigentlich hatte sich das Thema Oliver Janich für mich erledigt, aber nachdem ich hörte, dass auch der angebliche „alternative“ US-Präsidentschaftskandidat Ron Paul (Freimaurer) ein Anhänger der „Österreichischen Nationalökonomie“ ist und sogar mehrere Bücher über das Thema veröffentlicht hat, begann ich hellhörig zu werden. Denn auch Herr Janich ist ein Anhänger dieser Österreichischen Nationalökonomie, wie unschwer aus seinem Buch zu erkennen ist. Die Österreichische Nationalökonomie verschweigt das Zinsproblem und wirbt für einen desaströsen Goldstandard. Dieses System stellt keine wirkliche Alternative da, sondern diese Wirtschaftstheorie ist das alte System in anderen Kleidern. Ich musste mich also näher mit der Österreichischen Schule beschäftigen. Nun möchte ich ihnen erstmal die wichtigsten Personen der Österreichen Schule vorstellen.
Carl Menger (1840 – 1921)
Er wird heute als erster Vertreter der Österreichischen Schule gesehen. Bekannt wurde er für seine Wert- und Preistheorien. In dem Buch „Die Habsburger Monarchie 1848 – 1918“ von Wolfdieter Bihl wird Menger als einer der prominentesten Juden seiner Zeit aufgeführt.
Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk (1852 – 1914)
Er ergänzte Mengers Lehre um eine subjektivistische Kapitaltheorie, wonach der Kapitalzins in einem Marktprozess zwischen Individuen mit unterschiedlichen Zeitpräferenzen entsteht. Der Eigentümer von Kapital verzichte auf Konsum in der Gegenwart, um als Gegenleistung für seinen Verzicht den Zins zu erhalten. Bawerk gehörte zur ersten Generation der Österreichischen Schule. Ob Böhm-Bawerk ein Jude war, ist heute Streitfrage und ungeklärt.
Friedrich von Hayek (1899 – 1992)
Der jüdische Nobelpreisträger entwickelte die Kapitaltheorie der Österreichischen Schule weiter und stellte sie der Wirtschaftstheorie des Herrn Keynes gegenüber. Er war einer der wichtigsten Weichensteller für die Philosophie des Liberalismus und des Neo-Liberalismus.
Ludwig von Mises (1881 – 1973)
Die wichtigste Person in der Österreichischen Schule war der Jude Ludwig von Mises, er baute auf der Basis seiner Vorgänger eine Geld- und Konjunkturtheorie auf. Er erklärte Konjunkturzyklen mit der Verzerrung des Produktionsprozesses durch die Geldschöpfung der Zentralbanken, die durch zu niedrige Zinsen überhöhte Investitionen anregen.
In der Österreichischen Schule spielten viele andere Juden eine wichtige Rolle: Fritz Machlup, Murray Rothbard, Joseph Neuwirth, Moritz Benedikt, Otto Neurath, Otto Bauer … . In dem Buch „Vienna and the Jews, 1867-1938“ kann man über das private Mises-Seminar (Teil der Österreichischen Schule), das auch entscheidend bei der Erfindung des Liberalismus geholfen hat, lesen:

„Das private Mises-Seminar wurde das neue Zentrum der Österreichischen Schule, hier war auch der Ort wo sich Friedrich von Hayek profilieren musste. In Mises‘ Memoiren wird eine Liste aller Teilnehmer aufgeführt. Laut verschiedenen Quellen, die wichtigste davon Professor Martha Steffy Browne, einer Teilnehmerin des Seminars, waren von den 29 Teilnehmer 23 Juden (79%). Ironischerweise werden einige der bekanntesten Juden (Gottfried von Haberler, Hayek, Oskar Morgenstern) auf der Liste als Nichtjuden aufgeführt.“

Eustace Mullins schreibt in seinem Buch „The Rule of the Order“ über den Juden Montagu Norman (seiner Zeit Chef der englischen Zentralbank) und wie er versucht mithilfe der Österreichischen Nationalökonomie die einzelnen Nationalstaaten zu untergraben und eine Art Globalisierung einzuleiten (1926). Er wollte die alte Finanzordnung durch die Theorien der Österreichischen Schule ersetzen und somit eine Neue Weltordnung einleiten. Anscheinend wurde schon damals der Unfug als Lösung angeboten! Aber den eigentlichen Hammer schreibt Mullins kurze Zeit später und den möchte ich komplett zitieren:

„Entscheidend für die Absichten von Montagu Norman war die Österreichische Schule, selbst ein Auswuchs der Pan-Europa-Bewegung (!!!). Margit Herzfeld berichtet in ihrer Biographie über Ludwig von Mises (wichtigster Vertreter der Österreichischen Schule), dass er Mitglied in der Pan-Europa-Bewegung des Grafen Coudenhove-Kalergi war (!!!) (1943). Er wurde 1940 durch Erlaubnis der Rockefeller Stiftung (!!!) nach Amerika gebracht, um für 2500 Dollar im Monat für das „National Bureau of Economic Research“ zu arbeiten.“

Fassen wir das kurz zusammen: Oliver Janich und Ron Paul befürworten eine alternative „Lösung“ für die Bankenkrise (Systemkrise), die eindeutig von Rockefeller finanziell unterstützt wurde (denn später wurde Ludwig von Mises ein führender Kopf in der Mont Pelerin Society!), Verzweigungen in die Pan-Europa-Bewegung hat, welche uns die kriminelle EU erst eingebrockt hat (!!!) und schon einmal von einem jüdischen Bänker als Lösung (1926) angeboten wurde, mit dem Hintergedanken die Menschen auszuplündern und nicht zu retten (wie man es ausführlich bei Eustace Mullins nachlesen kann).
Später wurde die Mont Pelerin Society (eine wichtige Denkfabrik des zionistischen Westens) der Hauptsammelpunkt für die Ideen der Österreichischen Schule, wo sie bis heute überlebt haben, um als falsche Lösungen durch Oliver Janich (Freimaurer???) und Ron Paul (Freimaurer) unter die Menge gebracht zu werden.




#PanEuropa #Kalergi #IB #OliverJanich

Der Geheimbund »Unabhängiger jüdischer Orden B’nai Brith« (U.O.B.B.), dessen Name übersetzt »Söhne des Bundes« lautet, wurde 1843 in New York gegründet.

Der Geheimbund »Unabhängiger jüdischer Orden B’nai Brith« (U.O.B.B.) nimmt nur Juden auf. Sein Programm dient der Interessenvertretung jüdischer Bürger in der ganzen Welt und der Förderung ihrer ethischen Erziehung. Der Orden »Unabhängiger jüdischer Orden B’nai Brith« (U.O.B.B.) wird zentral aus den USA geleitet. Es gibt dort sieben Distriktslogen, in anderen Ländern bestehen weitere zehn Distrikts-Großlogen, die in Logen gegliedert sind.

Die Distrikts-Großloge Deutschland des Geheimbundes »Unabhängiger jüdischer Orden B’nai Brith« (U.O.B.B.) wurde bereits 1882 gegründet. Der Orden hat ein eigenes Erkennungszeichen, seine Struktur umfasst drei rituelle Grade, die die Mitglieder allmählich erwerben. Den Logen sind Frauenvereinigungen und Jugendbünde angegliedert.

Der B’nai-Brith ist ein Männerbund innerhalb der jüdischen Glaubensgemeinschaft.

Obwohl der Geheimbund »Unabhängiger jüdischer Orden B’nai Brith« (U.O.B.B.) selbst jegliche politische Tätigkeit bestreitet, vertreten jedoch mehrere Publikationen eine gegenteilige Ansicht. Sein Einfluss auf die internationale Politik soll nicht unerheblich sein. Der jüdische Geheimbund zählt heute weltweit an die 350.000 Mitglieder, davon leben etwa 300.000 in den USA.